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Thermosetting plastics
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Thermosetting plastic mean heat or other conditions can be cured or is not soluble (fuse) characteristics of plastics, bakelite, epoxy plastic. Thermosetting plastics are formaldehyde cross-linking and other cross-linked type. Heat molding form has not melted after curing solution, the resin molecule is made up of linear structure-Crosslinking network structure. More heat will break down damaged. Typical thermoset plastics phenolic, epoxy, amine, unsaturated polyester, furans, poly-silicon materials such as ether, also has a new Poly-n-allyl plastics. Which has the advantages of high heat resistance, heat deformation. Disadvantages are high mechanical strength generally does not, but can be used by adding fillers, made of laminated material or molded material to increase its mechanical strength.